Consulting Services

We continually strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients built on integrity and honesty. We take the same approach with our professional relationships which extends over a number of local, regional, and international firms in the areas of law, engineering, architecture, human resources and specialist consulting services. This access to high-level professional expertise allows us to tailor every engagement to the unique needs of our clients – providing a focused approach with the best possible team at your disposal. We are proud to be your full-service partner whose quality assurance and reliability extends well beyond the traditional areas of audit, accounting and tax. We provide a full suite of advisory and specialty services.

Business Planning and Entrepreneurship

Are you starting a new business or looking to change direction?

MacPherson Roche Smith assists a wide range of clients in preparing comprehensive Business Plans, including product costing, market assessments, corporate organization and tax planning strategies, financial projections and cash-flow forecasts for a variety of industry sectors, including biosciences, ICT, manufacturing and processing, agriculture and aquaculture, food and beverage, retail/wholesale, healthcare facilities, transportation and construction. Our industry-specific knowledge and experience will add real value and insight to your Business Plans.

We are very pleased with the amount of insight, detail, and clarity within our business plan. MacPherson Roche Smith went above and beyond to understand our business and work collaboratively with us to take our business concept and turn it into a comprehensive and action-oriented business plan.David Campbell, COO – Origins Xtractions Ltd

Market and Feasibility Analysis

Is the market large enough to justify this investment? Will the labour market support our operations? How should I structure the financing, so as not to hinder our existing operations?

Making sound decisions based on factual evidence is always the right move. Our consulting professionals can help you obtain the information and assist you in making sound fact-based decisions. You can benefit from our experience in conducting market and feasibility studies from start-up through to expansion, and across various industries including food and beverage, ICT, advanced manufacturing, biosciences, retail/wholesale, agriculture and aquaculture, and tourism.

We have worked with MacPherson Roche Smith on key strategic consulting projects. We are impressed with their efficiency in project management, diligence of analysis, and clarity of insight. MacPherson Roche Smith has the knowledge and skills to boil complex issues down to a clear message and plan. We will work with them again.Sebastian Manago, Former CEO – Food Island Partnership

Strategic Planning

What are your competitors doing? What projects are you investing in, and why? How can you deliver your products and/or services more efficiently?

These are common questions in an increasingly global market place categorized by continuous change. When trying to optimize short-term performance while sustaining your long-term growth and competitive positioning, a current strategic plan or roadmap is a critical reference tool to keep you working towards and accountable to your goals.

MacPherson Roche Smith under sold and over delivered on their commitment to our projects. I was truly impressed by the level of interest and detail that went into the consultant’s approach to understanding the history, concept and the business model we are trying to achieve.” Jeff Stanley, Director of Tourism & Economic Development Municipality of the County of Richmond

Economic Impact and Special Studies

What magnitude of effect do we have on the Province? What do stakeholders believe is the best course of action?

Your operations are unique, and so are your opportunities and challenges. We can help you get the answers to drive progress in an efficient manner. Whether that is consulting with a body of stakeholders to generate strategy, tactics or build consensus, or answering specific questions like what level of tax benefit will my project generate for the Province.

Operational Reviews and Performance Management

Are we operating according to guiding policies and procedures? Is there a way to do this more efficiently?

Having a trusted third party provide an objective review of your operations to ensure your operational structure supports your mission and objectives and that financial reporting mirrors the current reality is invaluable. Operational reviews allow your organization to evaluate how well they are following policies and procedures, allocating resources, using cost-effective measures and more importantly, how well you are prepared to meet future challenges.

Funding Proposals

What funding options are available to me? How do I prepare to give myself the best chance of obtaining funding?

Creating successful funding proposals can be very challenging and time consuming. Our consulting professionals at MacPherson Roche Smith have prepared funding applications and proposals to government agencies, research councils, chartered banks and private investors as well as post-secondary educational institutions. Among the sectors we have worked with include retail, renewable energy, bioscience, advanced manufacturing, information and communications technology, agriculture, food technology, post-secondary education and financial services.

We offer a variety of accounting, tax and advisory services for the public, private and non-profit sectors.

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    Accounting Services

    We provide a full range of accounting and assurance services. Our senior professionals have in-depth business and financial reporting experience across private, not-for-profit and government sectors.

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    Consulting Services and Special Studies

    We are proud to be your full-service partner whose quality assurance and reliability extends well beyond the traditional areas of audit, accounting and tax services.

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    Corporate Tax Services

    From annual filing of your business’ tax returns to corporate reorganizations, our team of knowledgeable tax professionals uses their training and experience to make sure your affairs are structured in the most tax effective manner.

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    Mergers and Acquisitions

    We are proud of our 30 years of experience assisting clients with the complex issues related to the purchase, sale or merger of business enterprises.

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    Personal and Estate Tax Services

    From the simplest of tax returns to the most complex estate plans, the tax advisors at MacPherson Roche Smith provide high quality, timely and cost-effective tax services to all of our clients.

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    Litigation Support

    MacPherson Roche Smith has provided high quality litigation support services to major regional and local law firms, and their clients, for over 25 years.

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